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Что-то пробило меня на Сопоров со страшной силой. Наверное дождь.

That little mountain raises
while others dissolve into a plain
time redefines itself
and falls in sadness grain by grain

"Time heals all the wounds"
the two-tongued echo seem to say
nothing, nothing changes
pain remains, won't pass away

I went weak, as I grew old
and time itself has made me slow
and as I close my hand in sadness
a thousand seasons come and go

Mighty enought to cover all
and also cruel enough to reveal
but the wounds and scars I carry
neither force nor kiss can heal

Time heals nothing, nothing, nothing
spitefully turns away and laughs
leaves you half-broken and defiance
has only added another scar

Call it blind how I am writhing
counting hours, centuries
the pain it glows and grows in tides
unable to vanish, unwilling to cease

Time heals nothing, nothing, nothing
pushes 'till we're diving into different flesh
time heals nothing, nothing, nothing
in the coldness of the inner flames

Time's fingers claw, I'm losing hold
there is no hope for me on earth
Time either still or maybe rushing
in any case it will turn out worse

Time is fleeting, Time stands still
it stops for no-one, and we're trapped within
thought I may dream of the light
I'm falling back into the left-hand side...

How I wish that I was dead
and rest in final peace
but even the luxury of death
can't cure the wounds time cannot heal...

А ещё во всём интернете тексты кривые, пришлось самому записывать.
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