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От Аманды Палмер, солистки Dresden Dolls стало достоверно известно, что она...

i'm currently in russia, playing some shows with the magnificent jason webley. i'm stealing (well, borrowing) his 3-piece back-up band and we sound SICK. i'm hoping for footage.
it's another world here. there are lots of big buildings, meat sandwiches and very very high heels.

if you're in moscow, i'm planning a secret little show the night of the festival (saturday, august 8), in a late club nearby, make sure you're following the twitter (@amandapalmer) to get the info.

as per, for lots of bizarre & sexy & random pictures and further reflections on life and the crazed events of my life lately, make sure you're reading the blog HERE - i'm getting better about updating and fo shizzle things is getting mighty interesting in this existence.

Если не щёлкать клювом, можно ещё успеть её поймать, наверное.

Bring your own meat sandwich!
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